About the Author

Cross Country Scoreboard was written by Coach Russ Peters.

Russ has been volunteer coaching Cross Country and hosting races for 10 years at a local school in the Atlanta, Georgia area where he coaches kids from K5 through 12th grade. Since timing systems are expensive, he used spreadsheets running on multiple laptops with formulas and macros to separately score and time his races. It required significant effort to merge the two spreadsheet results to deliver the results as quickly after the race as possible. Also it was impossible to run multiple races or race groups simultaneously. There had to be a better way. This led Russ to develop Cross Country Scoreboard, a free app that makes scoring and publishing race results a breeze, with or without chip timing equipment.

Russ's full-time work in the IT field as a data storage architect. When he's not working or coaching, he spends time in the outdoors hiking and finding new places to discover.